Karate Kids How to get success out of your beginner marital arts program

How Karate For Kids teaches Success

6 Steps to getting the MOST out of your Beginner Classes

  1. Commit to a regular schedule of class attendance.  If you are forced to miss a class, call immediately to re-schedule for the next available class time.
  2. Praise your children for their effort and little successes in class.

“Do as the instructors do and praise them for demonstrating good focus, attitude, intensity, respect, or concentration. Remember, with children we look for progress, not perfection.”

  1. Be involved with your children as much as possible.

“Either attend classes with them or at least be there to watch and observe what they are doing and learning in each class. If you are unable to attend or observe a class, be sure to talk with the instructor afterwards to receive a report on how your child performed in class.”

  1. Encourage your children to practice at home between classes.

“Make sure they ask permission each time before they practice so there are no accidents. Remember to praise their effort, desire, and attitude. They are now one step closer to earning their Black Belt.”

  1. Do not punish, criticize, or reprimand your child for something you saw in class.

“The instructor will use a combination of praise, role models and constructive feedback to correct your child with out embarrassing them. Allow yourself or your children to learn and grow through their efforts and mistakes in class and in life.”

  1. Give your biggest, best hug after every class and tell your child how proud you are of them.

“You are truly a critical part of their success in their martial arts training. They need to know you are proud of them and supportive of their efforts.”

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Shaun Simpson

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