I’ve Learned More About Leadership in Black Belt Class That I Have in Formal Class

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I’ve been an adult student with Mr. and Mrs. Simpson for 13.5 years. Sure it was awkward to start in a class with kids much younger than me. But going through the color belt ranks, I did have other adults and teenagers to look up to. I made it to first-degree black belt… and then I kept going. I just tested for my fourth degree. Being a martial artist is a journey and there is always more to learn.

I’m impressed that our black belt class keeps growing. We haven’t had this many before and that is very encouraging to see.

Being a black belt isn’t easy, nor should it be. The expectations are high; so are mine of myself. I’m always finding ways to incorporate the life skills and black belt attitude into my personal and professional life. Heck, I’d say I’ve learned more about leadership in black belt class that I have in formal classes.

It’s easy in today’s world to feel inadequate and to have others’ perception of you determine your own self worth. A black-belt attitude has helped me overcome those feelings many times.

I can only echo what other parents have said. I’ll be bringing my kids here for martial arts training when they are old enough.

Bill Schueler December 3, 2018